Spoon is an open-source library to analyze, rewrite, transform, transpile Java source code. It parses source files to build a well-designed AST with powerful analysis and transformation API. It fully supports Java 8.

CtClass l = Launcher.parseClass("class A { void m() { System.out.println(\"yeah\");} }");

External contributions as pull requests are welcome. The official website is available at http://spoon.gforge.inria.fr/. Spoon is an official Inria open-source project, and member of the OW2 open-source consortium.

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To compile Spoon, you need a Java Development Kit (JDK) and Maven:

git clone https://github.com/INRIA/spoon
cd spoon
mvn compile

To run the tests:

mvn test

Design Philosophy

R1) The Spoon metamodel is as close as possible to the language concepts.

R2) The Spoon model of a program is complete and sound.

R3) The text version of a Spoon model is well-formed and semantically equivalent to the original program.

R4) The analysis and transformation API is intuitive and regular.

R5) Transformation operators are designed to warn as fast as possible about invalid programs. This is done either with static type checking or with dynamic checks when the operators are used.

R6) When feasible, the text version of a Spoon model is close to the original one.

Last Updated: 05/08/2018