A list of my active projects that are also available on GitHug.

  • Open-science
  • GitHub

Anonymous Github

Anonymous Github is a system to anonymize Github repositories before referring to them in a double-blind paper submission.

  • Latex
  • Wikipedia


BibTeX2Wiki is a small tool that transforms BibTeX references into a Wikipedia references.

  • Automatic Program Repair


BikiniProxy is a novel technique to provide self-healing for the web. BikiniProxy is designed as an HTTP proxy that uses five self-healing strategies to rewrite the buggy HTML and Javascript code.

  • Latex
  • Editor


\BlueLaTeX aims to provide a tool chain to easily write documents collaboratively.

  • Transpiler
  • AST


c2spoon is a library that takes the xml representation of a C program and maps it on the Java AST.

  • Benchmark

Defects4J Dissection

Defects4J Dissection presents data to help researchers and practitioners to better understand the Defects4J bug dataset.

  • Benchmark


IntroClassJava is a dataset of small buggy Java programs. This dataset is the Java version of the original dataset IntroClass that contains small buggy C programs.

  • Automatic Program Repair


Itzal is an automatic software repair tool that generates patches directly in production environment.

  • API

LeBonCoin JS API

LeBonCoin JS API is an API to obtain the data from in a fluent JS API.

  • Automatic Program Repair


A maven plugin for executing automated program repair on Maven projects.

  • Automatic Program Repair


NoPol is an automatic software repair tool for Java that targets bugs in conditions.

  • Automatic Program Repair


NPEFix is a system that systematically explores and assesses a set of possible runtime patches developed at Inria Lille.

  • AST
  • Java


Spoon is a library to analyze, transform, rewrite, transpile Java source code.

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