I'm currently working in the research field of Software Engineering. I'm working on new patch generation and fault localization techniques. I'm particularly interested in the integration of the patch generation technique in the production environment.


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  • Best paper, 2021, A Longitudinal Analysis of Bloated Java Dependencies, FSE'21 Main track
  • Best paper, 2021, DUETS: A Dataset of Reproducible Pairs of Java Library-Clients, MSR'21 Data showcase track
  • Excellence in Reviewing, 2020, Journal of Computer Languages
  • Best paper, 2019, A Comprehensive Study of Automatic Program Repair on the QuixBugs Benchmark, IBF'19
  • Best paper, 2019, Empirical Review of Java Program Repair Tools: A Large-Scale Experiment on 2 141 Bugs and 23 551 Repair Attempts, FSE'19 Main track
  • Best paper - selected, 2018, Fully Automated HTML and Javascript Rewriting for Constructing a Self-healing Web Proxy, ISSRE'18 Main track
  • Best paper, 2018, Towards an automated approach for bug fix pattern detection, VEM'18
  • Best Thesis, 2018, Accessit price for the Best Thesis GDR GPL 2018 (French Software Engineering Group)


Title: From Runtime Failures to Patches: Study of Patch Generation in Production

Directors: Martin Monperrus and Lionel Seinturier

Started in: September 2015, Defended: 25th September 2018

Slide: Defense slide


Last Updated: 28/07/2021