Thomas Durieux

Lille, France


    / Sep. 2015 - Aug. 2018

    PhD Student - The motivation of this PhD is to improve automated monitoring, diagnosis and correction of production bugs using search-based software engineering techniques.
    / Sep. 2014 - Aug. 2015

    Research intern - I worked on the Nopol project, a test-suite-based tool for automated bug repair which outputs patches. First, relaying on the Java PathFinder (JPF) library, I integrated symbolic execution to Nopol in order to extend its repair scope to buggy arithmetic statements. Second, I worked on the synthesis of patches based on the context buggy statements. I used the approach proposed in CodeHint. This tool, developed at UC Berkeley, provides dynamic and interactive synthesis of code snippets.
  • CERN
    / Summer 2014

    Summer student - I was integrated to the CERN the security team. Where, I developed a set of tools which scans thousands of CERN WEB servers in order to detect misconfigurations. First, I made a first had to determine the common types of misconfigurations present in the CERN network. Second, I realized the 8 detection tools by focusing on the reduction of false positives. Third, the results were presented at the security team.
  • Microsoft Innovation Center
    / Feb. - Jun. 2013

    Industrial entrepreneurship at Aproove - In order to create a distributed system of the Aproove product, a leading annotation and validation tool for graphic document of high resolution. I developed in a very tight schedule, a new backend system for managing multiple instances of the Aproove product. This system allows database management and Aproove instance management on multiple hosts.
  • Emakina / Jun. 2012

    Student job - I had to continue and to correct JavaScript development in "jobs" section of ING Belgium. I interacted effectively with the team to meet the tight deadlines and precise requirements from the client. I was the only specialist of the team on this technology and the project manager gives me his entire confidence on the technical aspects.
  • Institut Paul Lambin
    / 2012

    Tutor - I provided support to first year students.




  • BanditRepair
    / 2016

  • DynaMoth
    / 2015

    Researcher - DynaMoth is an open-source research project that aims to generate Java expressions with methods, variables available on a project that respect a specific behaviour.
  • NPEFix
    / 2015

    Researcher - NPEFix is an open-source research project that aims to tolerate null pointer dereference at runtime.
  • NoPol
    / 2015

    Researcher - NoPol is an automatic software repair tool developed at INRIA Lille.
  • \BlueLaTeX
    / 2014 - current

    Developer - \BlueLaTeX is an open-source project and aims to provide a tool chain to easily write collaboratively LaTeX documents. I developed the new UI interface using the MVC framework Angular.js.
  • SyncTeX JS Parser
    / 2015

    Developer - SyncTeX JS Parser is a SyncTeX parser written in JavaScript. This parser is used in the \BlueLaTeX project.
  • MultiAgents
    / 2015

    Developer - A small multi-agent system writen in JavaScript.
  • BibTeX2Wiki
    / 2014

    Developer - BibTeX2Wiki is a small tool which transforms BibTeX file into a Wikipedia formated references.