LeBonCoin JS API is an API to obtain the data from leboncoin.fr in a fluent JS API.


  • Search on leboncoin.fr with all functionality available leboncoin.fr
  • Get the detailed page of an item
  • Get the phone number of the seller (convert the image to string) /!\ This API have an unknown usage limit


const leboncoin = require('leboncoin-api');
var search = new leboncoin.Search()
    .addSearchExtra("price", {min: 1500, max: 2000}) // will add a range of price
    .addSearchExtra('furnished', ["1", "Non meublé"]); // will add enums for Meublé and Non meublé

search.run().then(function (data) {
    console.log(data.page); // the current page
    console.log(data.nbResult); // the number of results for this search
    console.log(data.results); // the array of results
    data.results[0].getDetails().then(function (details) {
        console.log(details); // the item 0 with more data such as description, all images, author, ...
    }, function (err) {
    data.results[0].getPhoneNumber().then(function (phoneNumer) {
        console.log(phoneNumer); // the phone number of the author if available
    }, function (err) {
        console.error(err); // if the phone number is not available or not parsable (image -> string) 
}, function (err) {

Search API

const leboncoin = require('leboncoin-api');
var search = new leboncoin.Search()


  • Parameter http options: Object default: search.getUrlOptions()
  • Parameter body parameter: Object default: search.getBodyParams()
  • Return type: Promise<Item[]>

Make search request on leboncoin.fr.

const results = await search.run();


  • Parameter: String
  • Return type: Search

Define the textual search query, by default the query search in the description and in the title. See setTitleOnly to only search in the title. The query can contain specific keywords like OR, NOT, "exact match" as specified here: https://www2.leboncoin.fr/tips.htm.

search.setQuery("Golf NOT GTI");


  • Parameter: boolean
  • Default: false
  • Return type: Search

Define if the query should only match the title of the item.



  • Parameter: Integer
  • Default: 1
  • Return type: Search

Define the page you want the results for, the page start at 1. See setLimit to define the number of results per page.



  • Parameter: Integer
  • Default: 35
  • Return type: Search

Define the number of results per page.



  • Parameter: {"sort_by":"date", "sort_order": "asc"}
  • Default: {"sort_by":"date", "sort_order": "asc"}
  • Return type: Search

Define the sorting order of the results.sort_by can be date or price and sort_order can be asc or dsc.

    "sort_by": "date",
    "sort_order": "asc"


  • Default: leboncoin.FILTERS.ALL
  • Return type: Search

Define the type of user that posted the item.



  • Parameter: String
  • Return type: Search

Define the category of the search. Categories contains the complete list of possible values.



  • Parameter: boolean
  • Default: false
  • Return type: Search

Search only urgent item.



  • Parameter: String
  • Return type: Search

Define the region of the search. Regions contains the complete list of possible values.



  • Parameter: String
  • Return type: Search

Define the department of the search. Departments contains the complete list of possible values.



  • Parameter: Array
  • Return type: Search

Define where the item is located using the zip code of the city.

search.setLocation([{"zipcode": "78100"},{"zipcode": "78000"}]);


  • Parameter: {"lat": X, "lng": X, "radius": X}
  • Return type: Search

Define the area where the item is located using GPS coordinate. lat and lng define the latitude and longitude of the circle of the defined radius (in meter).

search.setArea({"lat": 45.7679705, "lng": 4.8637901999999995, "radius": 30000})


  • Parameter: The key of the extra search parameter
  • Parameter: The value of the extra search parameter
  • Return type: Search

Define extra search parameter for the search. Each category has different extra parameter you can obtain the key and value by looking at the HTML content of leboncoin.fr page.

search.addSearchExtra("price", {min: 1500, max: 2000}) // will add a range of price
search.addSearchExtra('furnished', ["1", "Non meublé"]); // will add enums for Meublé and Non meublé


const leboncoin = require('leboncoin-api');
var item = (await new leboncoin.Search().setQuery("iPhone X").setLimit(1).run())[0]


  • Type: String

The title of the item.


  • Type: String

The full description of the item.


  • Type: String

The category of the item.

  • Type: url

The url of the item.


  • Type: Array

An array of pictures of the item.


  • Type: String

The location of the item.


  • Type: boolean

true if the sell is urgent.


  • Type: Integer

The price of the item in euro.


  • Type: Date

The date when the item has been published.


  • Type: String

The user information of the seller.


  • Type: String

The name of the seller of the item.


  • Type: Object

A Javascript object that contains all the specific attributes of the item. The number of attributes varies depending on the category and the item.


  • Type: boolean

true if the seller of the item mentioned her phone number.


  • Return: Promise<Item>

Get the details

await item.getDetails()


  • Return: Promise<String>

Get the phone number of the seller. Pay attention that this API has a strict API usage limit. I recommend that this API is only used when a user request it.

const phone = await item.getPhoneNumber()


The ID and Region can be used in the function setRegion to filter the search.

ID Label Region
1 Alsace alsace
2 Aquitaine aquitaine
3 Auvergne auvergne
4 Basse-Normandie basse_normandie
5 Bourgogne bourgogne
6 Bretagne bretagne
7 Centre centre
8 Champagne-Ardenne champagne_ardenne
9 Corse corse
10 Franche-Comté franche_comte
11 Haute-Normandie haute_normandie
12 Ile-de-France ile_de_france
13 Languedoc-Roussillon languedoc_roussillon
14 Limousin limousin
15 Lorraine lorraine
16 Midi-Pyrénées midi_pyrenees
17 Nord-Pas-de-Calais nord_pas_de_calais
18 Pays de la Loire pays_de_la_loire
19 Picardie picardie
20 Poitou-Charentes poitou_charentes
21 Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur provence_alpes_cote_d_azur
22 Rhône-Alpes rhone_alpes
23 Guadeloupe guadeloupe
24 Martinique martinique
25 Guyane guyane
26 Réunion reunion


The ID and Department can be used in the function setDepartment to filter the search.

ID Label Department
1 Ain ain
2 Aisne aisne
3 Allier allier
4 Alpes-de-Haute-Provence alpes_de_haute_provence
5 Hautes-Alpes hautes_alpes
6 Alpes-Maritimes alpes_maritimes
7 Ardèche ardeche
8 Ardennes ardennes
9 Ariège ariege
10 Aube aube
11 Aude aude
12 Aveyron aveyron
13 Bouches-du-Rhône bouches_du_rhone
14 Calvados calvados
15 Cantal cantal
16 Charente charente
17 Charente-Maritime charente_maritime
18 Cher cher
19 Corrèze correze
21 Côte-d'Or cote_d_or
22 Côtes-d'Armor cotes_d_armor
23 Creuse creuse
24 Dordogne dordogne
25 Doubs doubs
26 Drôme drome
27 Eure eure
28 Eure-et-Loir eure_et_loir
29 Finistère finistere
30 Gard gard
31 Haute-Garonne haute_garonne
32 Gers gers
33 Gironde gironde
34 Hérault herault
35 Ille-et-Vilaine ille_et_vilaine
36 Indre indre
37 Indre-et-Loire indre_et_loire
38 Isère isere
39 Jura jura
40 Landes landes
41 Loir-et-Cher loir_et_cher
42 Loire loire
43 Haute-Loire haute_loire
44 Loire-Atlantique loire_atlantique
45 Loiret loiret
46 Lot lot
47 Lot-et-Garonne lot_et_garonne
48 Lozère lozere
49 Maine-et-Loire maine_et_loire
50 Manche manche
51 Marne marne
52 Haute-Marne haute_marne
53 Mayenne mayenne
54 Meurthe-et-Moselle meurthe_et_moselle
55 Meuse meuse
56 Morbihan morbihan
57 Moselle moselle
58 Nièvre nievre
59 Nord nord
60 Oise oise
61 Orne orne
62 Pas-de-Calais pas_de_calais
63 Puy-de-Dôme puy_de_dome
64 Pyrénées-Atlantiques pyrenees_atlantiques
65 Hautes-Pyrénées hautes_pyrenees
66 Pyrénées-Orientales pyrenees_orientales
67 Bas-Rhin bas_rhin
68 Haut-Rhin haut_rhin
69 Rhône rhone
70 Haute-Saône haute_saone
71 Saône-et-Loire saone_et_loire
72 Sarthe sarthe
73 Savoie savoie
74 Haute-Savoie haute_savoie
75 Paris paris
76 Seine-Maritime seine_maritime
77 Seine-et-Marne seine_et_marne
78 Yvelines yvelines
79 Deux-Sèvres deux_sevres
80 Somme somme
81 Tarn tarn
82 Tarn-et-Garonne tarn_et_garonne
83 Var var
84 Vaucluse vaucluse
85 Vendée vendee
86 Vienne vienne
87 Haute-Vienne haute_vienne
88 Vosges vosges
89 Yonne yonne
90 Territoire de Belfort territoire_de_belfort
91 Essonne essonne
92 Hauts-de-Seine hauts_de_seine
93 Seine-Saint-Denis seine_saint_denis
94 Val-de-Marne val_de_marne
95 Val-d'Oise val_d_oise


The ID and Category can be used in the function setCategory to filter the search.

ID Label Category
1 VEHICULES _vehicules_
2 Voitures voitures
3 Motos motos
4 Caravaning caravaning
5 Utilitaires utilitaires
6 Equipement Auto equipement_auto
7 Nautisme nautisme
8 IMMOBILIER _immobilier_
9 Ventes immobilières ventes_immobilieres
10 Locations locations
11 Colocations colocations
12 Locations & Gîtes locations_gites
13 Bureaux & Commerces bureaux_commerces
14 MULTIMEDIA _multimedia_
15 Informatique informatique
16 Image & Son image_son
17 Téléphonie telephonie
18 MAISON _maison_
19 Ameublement ameublement
20 Electroménager electromenager
21 Bricolage bricolage
22 Vêtements vetements
23 Equipement bébé equipement_bebe
24 LOISIRS _loisirs_
25 DVD / Films dvd_films
26 CD / Musique cd_musique
27 Livres livres
28 Animaux animaux
29 Sports & Hobbies sports_hobbies
30 Instruments de musique instruments_de_musique
31 SERVICES _services_
32 Équipements Industriels equipements_industriels
33 Offres d'emploi offres_d_emploi
34 Prestations de services prestations_de_services
35 Billetterie billetterie
36 Cours particuliers cours_particuliers
38 Autres autres
39 Décoration decoration
40 Collection collection
41 Jeux & Jouets jeux_jouets
42 Montres & Bijoux montres_bijoux
43 Consoles & Jeux vidéo consoles_jeux_video
44 Equipement Moto equipement_moto
45 Arts de la table arts_de_la_table
46 Linge de maison linge_de_maison
47 Accessoires & Bagagerie accessoires_bagagerie
48 Vins & Gastronomie vins_gastronomie
49 Evénements evenements
50 Equipement Caravaning equipement_caravaning
51 Equipement Nautisme equipement_nautisme
52 Jardinage jardinage
53 Chaussures chaussures
54 Vêtements bébé vetements_bebe
55 Vélos velos
56 MATERIEL PROFESSIONNEL _materiel_professionnel_
57 Matériel Agricole materiel_agricole
58 Transport - Manutention transport_manutention
59 BTP - Chantier Gros-oeuvre btp_chantier_gros_oeuvre
60 Outillage - Matériaux 2nd-oeuvre outillage_materiaux_2nd_oeuvre
61 Restauration - Hôtellerie restauration_hotellerie
62 Fournitures de Bureau fournitures_de_bureau
63 Commerces & Marchés commerces_marches
64 Matériel Médical materiel_medical
65 Covoiturage covoiturage
66 VACANCES _vacances_
67 Chambres d'hôtes chambres_d_hotes
68 Campings campings
69 Hôtels hotels
70 Hébergements insolites hebergements_insolites
71 EMPLOI _emploi_
Last Updated: 07/07/2019