LeBonCoin JS API is an API to obtain the data from leboncoin.fr in a fluent JS API.


  • Search on leboncoin.fr with all functionality available leboncoin.fr
  • Get the detailed page of an item
  • Get the phone number of the seller (convert the image to string) /!\ This API have an unknown usage limit


const leboncoin = require('leboncoin-api');
var search = new leboncoin.Search()
    .setRegion("ilgit se_de_france")
    .addSearchExtra("mrs", 250) // min rent
    .addSearchExtra("mre", 1250); // min rent

search.run().then(function (data) {
    console.log(data.page); // the current page
    console.log(data.nbResult); // the number of results for this search
    console.log(data.results); // the array of results
    data.results[0].getDetails().then(function (details) {
        console.log(details); // the item 0 with more data such as description, all images, author, ...
    }, function (err) {
    data.results[0].getPhoneNumber().then(function (phoneNumer) {
        console.log(phoneNumer); // the phone number of the author if available
    }, function (err) {
        console.error(err); // if the phone number is not available or not parsable (image -> string) 
}, function (err) {
Last Updated: 30/08/2018